The SmartMom Mission:
we’re the company that cares for your complete pregnancy needs. We are dedicated to adapting women’s reproductive bodies for robotic medical regulation and surveillance through cyborg technologies, SmartMom products, and remote reproductive management methods. SmartMom: Technology that Grows on You.


You Sleep—The Technology Doesn’t

Pregnancy Regulation and Control System

Our system is adapted to female bodies from the latest developments in space and military SmartTextile and interactive technologies.

a. The Osmotic Pressure Pump Capsule for continuous slow injections of biochemically active substances. The capsule is implanted into the anus of the woman and allows targeted administration of drugs.

b. Inverse Fuel Cells turn carbon dioxide into enriched oxygen for direct circulation to the lungs during space birth.

c. Shunts from the excretory systems to the venous systems conserve and recirculate precious body fluids, blood, etc. which have been cleaned and filtered. This nourishes and hydrates the mother with her own blood and biologically matched fluids during pregnancy and birth.

d. Implanted Nutrient and Vitamin Packets to be activated as necessary to regulate and enhance the mother’s nutrition.

e. Electronically stimulated Pushers and Rhythm Setters act as electronic birth coaches and remote midwives, stimulating the mother to push and regulating her breathing.

f. Telepresent Surgery and Wound Closure are procedures which are already quite routine in medical practice and can be adapted for remote fetal surgery, genetic implants and alterations in the fetus; caesarian sections, episiotomies, and other emergency birth intervention and surgery in the mother.

g. Materal Behavior and Mood Manager directly monitors maternal emotions and moods through implanted electrodes. Hardwired to a reward and punishment system, the mood manager controls the mother’s psychological and sensual behavior.

h. The Fetus Cam is continuous Fetal Scanning and imaging System provides constant monitoring of the fetus during pregnancy and birth. Includes DNA scanning, and fetal disease and abnormality detection.