The SmartMom Mission:
we’re the company that cares for your complete pregnancy needs. We are dedicated to adapting women’s reproductive bodies for robotic medical regulation and surveillance through cyborg technologies, SmartMom products, and remote reproductive management methods. SmartMom: Technology that Grows on You.


Making better soldiers for a safer tomorrow™

The Cyborg Soldier Reproduction Program

The US military has recently introduced the Cyborg Soldier Reproduction Program to test the SmartMom technology. Women are now being accepted into a special Repro Corps to service this program. Admission to this elite Corps is extremely selective and requires DNA sequencing scans, extensive biological and psychological fitness testing, and rigorous physical performance tests. Upon acceptance, women are immediately quarantined for several months and removed to remote locations. Training and preparation for the Repro Corps is not unlike that for space training, as women have to learn to submit to complete technological control of their bodies. However, this program has great rewards both in terms of the superior medical care of the woman's body and in the knowledge that she is contributing to the development of advanced cyborg entities and troops for new forms of military and space conquest.


Protecting Mom so she can protect you™

Surrogate Mother Protection Program

milkmomThis Program serves employers of surrogate mothers. It covers all legal forms and contracts, and provides legal and physician services. Under the Program, surrogate mothers are fully equipped with the SmartMom Pregnancy Dress and Regulation and Control Systems. The Program is fully guaranteed and insured. Mothers in this program will wear the Pregnancy Dress fitted with an abdominal screen so the progress of their fetus can be visible at all times.


Watching our Future Grow™

Civilian Pregnancy Observation Program

birthcamThis Program enables any civilian to become a Pregnancy Observation volunteer. Volunteers will be issued small wearable screens which connect them telepresently to the monitors of any pregnant women wearing the SmartMom technologies. Thus these volunteers can discreetly monitor pregnant women they observe in any public or private space, and report any deviant behaviour. They can also function as an early warning and intervention system for women who might be contacted by BATR (Bio-witches Against Techno Reproduction).


Recall Notices & Consumer Warnings

clonesSmartMom terrorist resistance groups: The development of SmartMom technology has already spawned terrorist resistance groups determined to block civilian applications of this beneficial technology. Calling themselves Bio-witches Against Techno Reproduction (BATR), these groups have begun troublesome interventions into the development of the military Cyborg Soldier Reproduction Project (CSRP). Taking advantage of the extremely crafty women hackers in their organization who have managed to intercept radio signals and scan internet messages, BATR has already been able to locate some of Repro Corps secret camps. At present their interventions seem to consist of rerouting signals from the pregnant women to a cell of midwives and obstetricians who are attempting to hack the SmartMom telepresent pregnancy and birth care. Military intelligence is currently trying to locate BATR operations and to shortcircuit their telepresent commands.