The SmartMom Mission:
we’re the company that cares for your complete pregnancy needs. We are dedicated to adapting women’s reproductive bodies for robotic medical regulation and surveillance through cyborg technologies, SmartMom products, and remote reproductive management methods. SmartMom: Technology that Grows on You.

The Product

Smart fashions that take the “guess” out of “gestation”™

The SmartMom Sensate Pregnancy Dress

This Smart Maternity Dress uses the technology of the Smart T-Shirt adapted from militiary battlefield medicine. This nifty item uses optical sensors connected to a web of coded fiberoptic lines leading to a radio transmitter to provide constant monitoring of body systems and data such as heartbeat, blood pressure, fluid levels, nervous functioning, the mother's fantasy life, sexual and eating urges, and the like. By connecting the sensor system for the mother to a fetal monitoring and imaging system for the fetus, a total inside/outside, mother/baby monitoring and surveilling system is created which could allow the remote obstetrician to be far more closely informed about h/er patient than s/he now is in civilian life.

Smart Pregnancy Regulation and Control Systems

The intransigence and resistance to control of many women--especially when under the irrational influence of powerful pregnancy hormones cannot be overestimated. For this reason the Smart Pregnancy dress surveillance system is augmented by an active regulating and control system which allows the remote doctor to intervene telepresently in the biological functions of the mother if s/he deems it necessary. In extreme cases, the system can even function in a disciplinary way through a system of built in shocks, or other physical punishments or restraints which are activated by the mother's irresponsible or criminal behaviour such as drinking alcohol, eating junk foods, smoking, or taking recreational drugs.