The SmartMom Mission:
we’re the company that cares for your complete pregnancy needs. We are dedicated to adapting women’s reproductive bodies for robotic medical regulation and surveillance through cyborg technologies, SmartMom products, and remote reproductive management methods. SmartMom: Technology that Grows on You.


Sensors that Make Sense

Inside the SmartMom Sensate Pregnancy Dress

Our Smart Maternity Dress uses the technology of the Smart T-Shirt adapted from military battlefield medicine.

BRAIN SENSOR: can be worn as an earring. Monitors brain activity, intellectual sluggishness or overstimulation; alerts to subversive thought activity. (Note: not affiliated with any other brain project. See recall notice below).

ALIMENTARY TUBE SENSOR: Monitors food intake and vomiting. Detects forbidden foods and substances in mouth and throat. (Note:Data from this site may be easily contaminated by the woman herself by simulating alimentary processes and gag reflexes. Data must be carefully evaluated and crosschecked with data from other sensors).

LUNG SENSOR: Monitors breathing; detects overexcitement and maternal smoke inhalation.

HEART SENSOR: Detects abnormal or accelerated heart beats; detects heart attack or failure; helps detect emotional state and mood alterations; monitors blood pressure.

NIPPLE SENSOR: Together with the clitoral, anal, and heart sensors, the nipple sensor detects sexual arousal, excitation, and activity. Monitors nipple condition and milk production.

STOMACH SENSOR: Monitors stomach contents and nutritional activities; alerts to unauthorized midnight snacks and forbidden foods.

FETAL SENSOR: Monitors relationship of mother to fetus; regulates fetal movement and moods.

ANAL SENSOR: Senses activity and movement of bowels and anus; detects insertion of foreign objects into anus. (Note: insertion of this highly sensitive instrument can only be done by our trained professionals).

WOMB SENSOR: Detects any disturbances or intrusive contacts with womb from outside mother. Alerts to contractions.

CLITORAL SENSORS: Detects clitoral stimulation and activity. (Note:placement of these critical sensors is experimental as the clitoris remains a largely uncharted territory whose boundaries are hard to detect and control).