The SmartMom Mission:
we’re the company that cares for your complete pregnancy needs. We are dedicated to adapting women’s reproductive bodies for robotic medical regulation and surveillance through cyborg technologies, SmartMom products, and remote reproductive management methods. SmartMom: Technology that Grows on You.

The Solution

SmartMom Pregnancy Technologies

With a combination of the rapid advances in biotechnology, genetic engineering, and smart technology, it seems that at last the tools are at hand to make it possible to include women in the central project of a new kind of technically engineered and assisted biological evolution which holds out the hope of the birth of a new race of cyborg platforms and cyborg organisms. While the military will at first be the chief beneficiary of this technology, it also has immediate and far reaching benefits and applications in civilian society.

It is now possible to control and manipulate reproducing women because new technologies enable the surveillance of women’s “natural” pregnancy and birth processes through telepresent obstetrical monitoring and intervention. Henceforth reproducing women will be able to live and give birth in, technological, machinic, or other environments such as space capsules, extraterrestrial environments, remote battlefields, dangerous urban areas, remote rural places, nuclear submarines, and the like, without endangering their offspring, and without altering the biological heredity of their embryonic organic platform which has been carefully genetically engineered to fit these environments. Coupled with advanced reproductive technologies which can also be delivered telepresently by smart technologies, the new remote pregnancy and birth monitoring and manipulation systems represent a major breakthrough in cyborg reproduction. Further, the research also holds the promise of complete telepresent monitoring of surrogate mothers who can be systemically manipulated through smart biotechnology and complete telepresent supply and control systems.